Placing Animal Information At Your Fingertips

Placing Animal Information At Your Fingertips

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About Us

Aid 4 Animals is a completely new website which launched in January 2010. We hope to become the UK's Number 1 Directory for anything and everything involving animal welfare. Our aim is to raise the profile of all animal welfare organisations, to increase the funding they receive and to make sure all animals get the quality of care and loving homes they deserve.

For more information please see Our Aims and Objectives

Aid 4 Animals was born out of the knowledge that around the UK there are hundreds, potentially thousands of animal rescue and re-homing organisations, many of whom are run by individuals from homes and back gardens, and yet most people are unaware of. These many wonderful individuals and organisations provide compassion and care to sick, injured or abandoned animals and yet often struggle to raise funds to cover running costs, let alone have money or time to advertise their services.

There are so many benefits of a comprehensive directory of animal information and local animal aid organisations. People looking for a new pet could choose to re-home from a rescue centre rather than buy from a breeder or pet shop. Rescue centres can pool resources if struggling for space or equipment. Lost pets can be found more quickly if owners can contact many organisations easily. Vets can find temporary homes for stray animals and the public can easily find advice or information in caring for their own pets and any found or injured animals. Rescue and re-homing centres can reach more people and gain more funding and donations with raised local awareness.

It is our aim that Aid 4 Animals will bring together all the rescue and re-homing centres, animal charities and adoption agencies, relevant professional bodies and individuals thereby achieving raised awareness of their services and giving them opportunities for support and sustainability so that more animals will find the love, care and new homes they deserve.

Steven and Sally

We’d like to say a big thank you to the following people who have helped us with the creation of  this website:

Chris for answering endless questions about Photoshop. Spencer for designing our wonderful logos. Bev for help with wording and proof reading. Dan for legal advice. Business Link, Lincolnshire CDA and South Lincs CVS, Lawyers For Your Business for endless guidance and information. And last but not least the wonderful staff at various rescue centres we have been in touch with and of course the fantastic animals we have given homes to over the years who have inspired us to make this site. Here are just a few.....

Thank You




Mr Kitty