Placing Animal Information At Your Fingertips

Placing Animal Information At Your Fingertips

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Aid 4 Animals does not have its own rescue centre, though we do foster animals for a number of rescues in our area. We do this from home and our office. We are limited on space and always have a variety of animals as well as our own pets to look after.

Please see below for details on the animals we are currently fostering and contact the relevant rescue if you would like to adopt.

Please note that all of the rescues require you to have a home visit and also a follow up visit if you adopt an animal from them. As such you will need to be based in Lincolnshire around Boston or Lincoln.

We love fostering and its a fantastic and rewarding way to help your local animal rescue. Why not get in touch and see if you can lend a hand!



RSPCA Lincolnshire Mid and Lincoln Branch

The hamsters below are being fostered here at the Aid 4 Animals office in Boston, Lincolnshire but the branch aslo have 10 similar hamsters being cared for in Lincoln

Please contact Karen for information on other hamsters available and also to adopt. email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Telephone / Fax (office only):
01522 544862
The office is only open from 9.30am until 12.45pm weekday mornings

* All of these hamsters need to be kept on their own.


Female Grey Russian Hamster
Has runny left eye and has been treated with antibiotics

Not ready for rehoming yet.

Minnie_w Minnie
Female Roborovski Hamster with Satin hair.
Very timid and hates to be touched.
Likes a nest on the floor of the cage.
Uses her wheel as a toilet area so this needs cleaning daily.
Mickey_w Mickey
Male Roborovski Hamster
Lighter in colour than Minnie.
Again, likes to wee in his wheel and hates to be picked up.


New York Ferret Rescue

Have over 70 ferrets in the rescue looking for homes. Please see our Urgent Apeal for hutches and blankets.



This little poppet is Penny. She is a very skinny ferret that
came to us on Monday (27/10) for fostering as she was handed in
as a stray to our local vets. She was starving and only weighed
380gms. She has been eating well and has had her claws
trimmed as they were so long her toes kept getting tangled
and she couldn't walk properly. She has obviously been desperate
for food when she did a poo it was full of bits of seeds and apple.
Please get in touch if you think she is yours.


4/11/2011 Penny now weighs 510g!

11/11/2011 Penny now 710g and her fur is growning back!


Lincs Ark (animal welfare)

To contact Lincs Ark please call:  07880 716 121 or email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it



Spike Harry and Pete are three lovely male gerbils
and are about 2 years old. They are really active
and great to watch and like to be held and stroked.
Spike - the white on has part of his tail missing and
Harry has the white patch on his head. Please send
us a message if you are interested in adopting them.


Edina and Patsy gerbil are the sisters of Spike,
Harry and Pete and are female and about 2 years
old. They are very cute but slighly more lively than
their brothers so can be held but with caution as
they are fast! Edina has a short tail.


Please have a look at the Lincs Ark website, they always have lots of animals looking for a new home and all of the animals in their care are looked after by a network of local foster carers.